Staff names and assignments, and related webpages

2021-2022 Saint Antoine Daniel Staff:
Custodial staff: C. Kennard, M. Hornung

Kindergarten classes: S. Ross and P. Irish, & L. Turcotte and C. Foley

Grade 1: O. Garms

Grades 1 & 2: A. Gallant

Grade 2: J. Wellington

Grade 3: J. Mei

Grades 3 & 4:  P. Butineau

Grade 4: D. Gervais

Grade 5: T. Bazinet

Grade 6: K. Awrey

Grades 6 & 7: P. Detambel

Grade 7: A. Perkic

Grade 8: J. Thompson

Educational Assistants:
K. Robitaille, E. Robitaille, P. Laurin, K. Moody, T. Cadeau, J. Moreau, D. Brown

Office Administrator:
J. Burrage

N. Laframboise

Please note: Most classroom teachers now have Google Classrooms instead of teacher websites attached to the school website.