Welcome to the home of the Voyageurs

Welcome voyageurs in education!


In keeping with SMCDSB’s mission statement “Faithfully, inclusively and equitably, we inspire every student's God given potential”, we are doing further inquiry into the design, representation and impact of our school mascot “the voyageur” to nurture equity as part of our evolving understanding. 

School Mascot and Logo

Our school mascot is the voyageur which draws on our rich history of the past to empower us as voyageurs in education today!


Our voyageur logo aims to honour our region’s historic relationship between the Jesuits and the Wendat as they worked together to build strong communities. In the logo, you will notice a member from each of these communities in the canoe, journeying together in partnership, with the steering position in the rear of the canoe occupied by the guide.




School Song

The lyrics of our Saint Antoine Daniel Voyageur Song are also intended to foster a sense of community, while being inclusive and honouring the history of our region and our patron Saint, Saint Antoine Daniel.


Saint Antoine Daniel Voyageur Song

Long ago the Voyageurs and Wendat walked this land,

As well as St. Antoine Daniel and the Jesuit Band,

They worked and sang and taught and loved, 

And every day did pray,

And this is what we’re doing at this very school today.


We are a family,

Just like it used to be,

Voyageurs in education 

Colours Green & White.


Ndio”, mon ami 

Be proud of you and me,

We’re big, we’re small,

We’re short, we’re tall,

We’re really quite a site.


This is our school, 

It’s really cool,

We are dynamite.



Territorial or Land Acknowledgement - Saint Antoine Daniel Catholic Elementary School

The staff, students, and families of Saint Antoine Catholic School acknowledge that many Indigenous Nations have long-standing relationships, both historic and modern, with the territories upon which our school is located.  We acknowledge our presence on the traditional territories of the Anishinabek Nation and the historic Métis communities in our region, including the Beausoleil First Nation, Wendat people, and Ojibway, that precede the establishment of our school. 


Today, our school district is still the home of many First Nation, Métis and Inuit  from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work together as part of a new relationship on this territory.


May we never forget their legacies, and may we learn well the lessons their descendants have to teach us about living on this Earth. 



Also included as part of our regular morning announcements is the “Creator of All People” Prayer, written in the spirit of hope, faith and unity, by Linda McGregor, grand-daughter of a residential school survivor and SMCDSB’s manager of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education:


Creator of All People

Creator of All People,

Hear me when I feel silenced.

Help me when the path isn’t clear.

Hold me when I feel alone.


Creator of All People,

Guide me as I work to succeed.

Give me the determination I need.

Guard me as I dare to dream.


Creator of All People,

Talk to me when it’s quiet.

Take me where I need to go.

Trade my fear for hope.


Creator of All People,

Show us that people care.

Show us our place on the circle.

Show us that we are one.



Invitation to Dialogue 

Our understandings are part of our ongoing learning as we continue to grow together. Questions and comments are always welcomed to help us deepen our learning. We are stronger and better working together!

Thank you to our First Nation, Métis, and Inuit program manager for ongoing contributions to this journey as we voyage in education together.