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We are here to answer your questions and help you prepare for this important milestone. To make the registration process easier, you may want to start gathering the following (some exceptions may apply, as outlined in Admissions policy):


  • Parent or child's Roman Catholic baptismal certificate

    • Did you know? There are certain exceptions outlined in our Admissions to Elementary Schools Policy that can be made by the superintendent of your school. You can find this policy in our Policy and Procedure section of the website.

  • Updated immunization records

    • Did you know? The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has great information about immunization and can help answer questions about your child's immunization for you. Visit their web site at

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status or documentation indicating your child's date of entry into Canada (for children not born in Canada)

    • Did you know? Children who are from countries other than Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, must provide a copy of  the child's passport with a Canadian immigration stamp

    • Did you know? In addition to a permanent residency card, parents can provide a permanent residence application with receipt, a study permit, work permit, refugee documentation or a Minister's permit to remain in Canada

  • Proof of address

    • Did you know? Bringing in your tax assessment form is a good way to demonstrate your proof of address. Hydro, telephone or gas bills are also acceptable documentation Student Registration Form

  • Student Registration Form

    • When a child registers at one of our schools, parents are asked to complete a registration form. This form is the same regardless of whether you are registering your child for Junior Kindergarten or Grade 12. You can print this Registration Form, fill it out and return it to the Catholic school in your area.

What else?

  • Directing your tax support

    • We encourage parents to complete an Application for Direction of School Support and the School Support Lease if their tax assessment form shows they currently support the public school system

    • Did you know? Designating your support for the separate system is important because it helps determine the number of trustees we are able to have and shows support for Catholic education. Both of these are critical to maintaining a strong Catholic education system in our province

    • Did you know? If you move, your direction of tax support will automatically revert back to the public system and you will have to fill out a new application

  • Health card information

    • Did you know? We no longer collect health card information for children when they register in one of our schools. The Personal Health Information and Protection Act introduced new rules in November 2004 regarding the collection of health card information. For more information, visit the Information and Privacy Commission web site at

Kindergarten graphic